Designing the society we are entitled to...

TGIF Zone is a proudly African-owned innovations company assessing society's needs to design and build the next generation of products that will shape our society.

Our vision is to build a future by developing products that are accessible to people of all ages, cultures and lifestyles.

Alongside our industry sponsors, we use research and predictive forecasting to identify problems needing unique solutions. We deliver a proof of concept, prototypes and eventually functioning products that can be monetized and distributed to the communities that need them.

As a communtiy of IT professionals we are dedicated to working with like-minded people towards creating a society where respect for nature, accountabilty for our actions, a commitment to solving problems and sustainable economic empowerment are the norm.

We research, brainstorm and co-create with engineers, designers, anthropologists, videographers and corporates to deliver social good through social technology to our communities.

- Proudly African

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